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Together... Transforming your railway

As a critical part of Northern’s process of digital modernisation, Assertis partnered with Arriva for their customer mobile app. Having previously worked in partnership with Northern Rail prior to Arriva, Assertis were very familiar with the franchise and customer requirements. Assertis not only rebranded the apps but added new functionality to make the purchasing of mobile tickets slick, quick and easy – encouraging customer usage and uptake.

Arriva North app splash screen Arriva North app journey view

User experience


As part of the UX discovery stage, the team kicked off with a full competitor analysis – documenting which commercially available rail apps were succeeding (or indeed failing) with a heuristic evaluation.

Starting from a blank canvas in terms of layout and design, the UX team had the challenge of mapping out the complete customer journey based on our research, expertise and industry best practice.

Creative design

User interface

As a simultaneous launch of both iOS and Android, the design needed to keep both of these platforms in mind, whilst using a common design language for ‘family' consistency.

Android’s Material Design involved multiple types of unique interactive feedback. The overall design was faithfully reflective of the the new brand, whilst ensuring the design still 'feels' platform specific.

Arriva North app wireframes


The design team felt that commercially available iconography was lacking detail specifically for rail, so they started started from a fresh canvas, producing a completely new and unique set of icons with a clean ‘line’ style in keeping with the modern look & feel of the app.


The talented team created a fresh contemporary set of illustrations to complement the clean UI design. These illustrated the initial splash screen and tour section of the app to aid users with their introduction and understanding of the app.

By creating a more relaxed feel with the illustrations, the app has a more unique and playful feel which complements the brand.

Arriva illustration Arriva illustration

The product

Achieving simplicity of design is often a complicated process. To achieve the simplicity the quick purchase process we needed one touch of the screen to set a number of wheels in motion. A basket created, products added, delivery options fetched and selected.

We were able to turn this complexity into simplicity using native code bases that could handle multiple API calls and quickly parse responses.

Arriva North testimonial logo

Assertis have been an invaluable partner to Northern over a number of years, lending their skills and expertise to drive our digital retailing evolution. Their commitment to the customer and focus on meeting needs precisely really sets them apart from the competition.