JS/PHP Developer

Gdansk, Poland

JS/PHP Developer
Gdansk, Poland
Permanent, Full Time

What are we working on?

Train tickets. We sell them online for ourselves and other companies. They’re wonderfully complex and present great UI/UX challenges. We compete against companies 10 times our size and deliver better results, faster.

We’re moving our codebase to a service oriented architecture based on PHP and node.js. On the front end we use things like Angular and React with modern ES6/TypeScript tooling.

How do we work?

Agile. Everyone says it, everyone does it different. We like Scrum, it’s simple, easy and keeps us focused. We have the Awesome Board (patent pending) to track what we’re working on in every sprint and we worship it like a god.

Our team is distributed across England and Poland so we make good use of Slack, Hangouts and email. Working hours are semi­flexible as long as everyone is “getting it done”.

We need a developer who

  • Can write JavaScript using an MV* framework (Backbone, Angular or similar)
  • Has strong OOP skills preferably in PHP
  • Has some exposure to node.js
  • Has experience with a server­-side MVC framework
  • Writes unit testing experience (TDD)
  • Has exposure to relational databases (MySQL or similar) and document stores
  • Can use Git and has basic Linux skills
  • Has some experience with CSS/Sass/LESS

Bonus skills

  • Experience with/enjoyment of functional programming a plus
  • Experience with BDD