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  1. Tech

    In my spare time I’m building a ticket vending chatbot as my pet-project. There are quite a lot of challenges in this kind of project. One of them is data extraction. In this article I would like to explain how I solved the problem of defining the station as origin or destination.

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  2. Tech

    Some time ago I realised that it’s hard to find quick and practical information about the SVG format on the internet. In this article I’ll try to show you what makes this format awesome and a few SVG related solutions I use in everyday work at Assertis.

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  3. Tech

    The rail industry is all about data. That’s what we do at Assertis every day. Most of this data is not publicly available, but today I’d like to talk about the data that is — the Darwin Push Port.

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  4. Tech

    In the rail industry we frequently have to download, parse and save huge amounts of data. These data feeds ar e in a variety of formats (XML, JSON, CSV and custom flat files) and from an array of different of sources, like FTP, queues, API calls, copying over SSH.

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  5. Tech

    Building a journey planner has always been my holy grail of pet projects. It’s a problem I’ve approached a number of times using different graph theory algorithms but I’ve never been able to produce something that worked in practice.

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