Grand Central

We helped Grand Central to introduce telesales capability in 2018, so that customers who are not comfortable booking online, or who just want some help, can get the tickets they need.

UK train operating company
Company size
180 employees,
£55m ticket sales (pre-Covid)
Our services and solutions
Telesales booking system
Bespoke features
Coming soon as part of our roadmap

The client

Grand Central is an open access operator - in other words, not supported by the government - that has run services between London Kings Cross and Sunderland since 2007, and between London KIngs Cross and Bradford Interchange since 2010.

Grand Central

The challenge

Grand Central was already selling tickets online and by phone but, after moving to a new provider in 2018, was unable to sell by phone any more. Assertis stepped in, rapidly deploying a white label solution that was already deployed for sister company Chiltern Railways, to get the Grand Central telesales team back up and running.

Grand Central

Our solutions

We’ve supplied a white label telesales system, with the accompanying back office support systems. We are working together to introduce new features to make telesales quicker and easier.

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